50/50 Referral Program

ANYONE credited with referring a NEW client who completes their first order with Faith on Display Graphics.  EVERY new client is a qualifier for the referral program, which means the same referral source may bring in multiple new clients to receive the commission bonus for each new client.

Commission Bonus:
Referring source will receive 50% commission (up to $50 per referral) on the purchase price of the first video project for EVERY new client.

This means that it literally PAYS to help Faith on Display Graphics grow our business by bringing in as many new clients as possible.

So, what are you waiting for?…

You’d better get started finding those referrals!


The referral process will usually go much smoother and have a greater chance for success if YOU make direct contact with the candidates you wish to refer. However, if you would like Faith on Display Graphics to reach out to potential referrals on your behalf, we would be willing to do so.  Just be advised that if Faith on Display Graphics is asked to make contact, the referral commission will be lowered to 25% to account for our time and recruitment efforts.  Thank you for your understanding and, of course, your referrals!

[Note: YOUR information is also required for the purpose of contacting you to arrange awarding of the commission.]


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