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*Animation-based* plug-and-play templates are available for ONLY $39.95* each, with over 500 templates to choose from!

*Real-World* plug-and-play templates (with actual people in the video) are available for ONLY $49.95* each, with over 100 templates to choose from!

Templates may also be spliced together in their modified template form or even be remixed into a hybrid project, where templates are combined with fully customized video (such as a person speaking into the camera).

As if the price wasn’t incentive enough, when you submit your information to Faith On Display Graphics, we will actually work with you to pair the template that BEST fits your project.  For example, you may see a demo below and feel that you absolutely MUST have it, but we may STILL suggest an alternative and offer you the choice of a different template if we feel you may enjoy another template even more.  Of course, the selection decision is always yours!

[Note: PayPal is currently the primary payment option, but NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED.  An invoice will be sent after customer approval of the finished product.]

Each template option you select will begin with a form completed by you, in which you provide the desired characteristics of the template you are looking for.  Examples include a logo, photos, text, and color scheme.  We will utilize the information you provide via the form to personalize the template for you.

No payment will be due until you have had the opportunity to view the project for final approval (via video attachment to Messenger/text message or a video conference platform).

There is also an option to further customize desired templates by having them spliced together to create a more complete video project. An example of several templates spliced together (3 different templates, with the first template used in 4 different text versions) is shown below. As a sample of an actual countdown video, the very first version of the first template is repeated multiple times to fill out a specified time frame (i.e. 5 minutes in this example). A time remaining marker is also posted at 30-second intervals.

Be sure to fast forward to the last 30 seconds of the video to see the end (transition into ISM logo).

Currently, a template splicing project similar to this would cost ONLY $89.95*!!

ISM Metro Loop screenshot

**Click on the images found in the grid below for more examples of video templates that have been personalized.**

General Information Submission Form

[Note: Use this form if you are not sure which template may best suit your needs and you would like ‘Faith On Display’ to assist you in choosing a template.  This is NOT a commitment to a project; This is a submission of a request for more information regarding potential interest in locating a template to suit your needs.]

Color inputs listed in the ‘Comments’ section may be in color names (ex: Red, Blue, Green) or advanced users may submit corresponding HTML color code (ex: #2FD8DD or 47,216,221). ]

* Advertised price includes up to 1 hour of consultation.  If additional consultation is needed, extra charges may be incurred to recover lost time.


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